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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When do you need volunteers the most?

Our need for volunteers increases in December. We also need volunteers when it is time for us move out of the workshop (after Christmas). Be sure to check our website and social media channels regularly, as we will post specific areas where help is needed.

Q: How will I know when I am needed?

Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you directly by email or phone when we need your assistance

Q: Do I have to volunteer on Christmas Day? What if I only want to help in the workshop?

No problem, we have a full list of positions both before Christmas Day and on Christmas Day. We’ll announce when we need more help on our social media channels and website. Be sure to check back often!

Q: Can my group of friends/family/colleagues sign up to volunteer together?

For sure, for group volunteer opportunities please sign up on the web page using the same group name.

Enhanced Public Safety Measures

Q: Will Santa’s Angels require proof of Vaccination for entry?

No, for those who want to do a quick donation drop-off or pick up donation boxes at the front desk. However, face-covering is mandatory for all visitors aged 2+ inside the Santa’s Angel’s premise.

Yes, for volunteers working in the workshop. To volunteer at Santa’s Angels warehouse, all volunteers 12 years of age and older will be required to show proof of Vaccination.

  • Government-issued proof of COVID-19 double Vaccination that must display the name, type of vaccine and the date it was received (This can be a paper COVID-19 vaccination record or shown on an electronic device);
  • Government-issued ID

Q: Who will be checking and enforcing proof of vaccination requirements?

We will have a volunteer at the entrance checking for proof of Vaccination.

Q: Will those under the age of 12 be required to show proof of vaccine?

A: No. Children under 12 years of age will not be required to show proof of vaccine to gain entry to Santa’s Angels workshop.

Q: Do volunteers have to wear a face-covering when they are double vaccinated?

Yes. Face covering is mandatory for all visitors aged 2+ inside Santa’s Angels workshop in accordance with the CPHO guidelines.

Christmas Day

Q. How long will we be out on Christmas morning?

It depends on the route you are assigned to; it could be 2 to 4 hours. If you have a time commitment, you should note that when you sign up to volunteer.

Registration process

Q: Why do I need to register?

We ask our volunteers to register every year to meet our insurance requirements.

Q: What happens after I submit my registration form online?

Your name and information will be automatically inputted into a master list. We thank you for your patience as we organize the hundreds of volunteer forms we receive each year. When we’re ready, our Contact Committee will reach out to you to try and schedule you for a shift.

Q.When will I know the shifts that I’ve been scheduled for?

 We try to fill shifts in the order that volunteer registrations are received. When our scheduling is complete, our Contact Committee will contact you to confirm your shift. Following a comprehensive review, final shifts and group details will be emailed before Christmas Day.