Get a Christmas morning visit from Santa’s Angels

Request a visit – now closed

Request a visit on Christmas morning



Santa’s list is officially full. We’re sorry, but the request form is now closed. We wish you blessed Christmas.

What happens after I fill the form out?

The Santa’s Angels team will review all the information and let you know if we can visit. We will call you before December 15 so please make sure you provide a working phone number in the form. If we can’t reach you by phone to double-check the details you provided, we will not be able to visit.

What is Santa’s Angels?

Santa’s Angels is a group that travels around Prince Edward Island on Christmas morning (December 25 starting at 7 am) and delivers food and toys, to those in need.

Our goal is to reach people, adults and children, throughout Prince Edward Island and bring them a surprise, spirit-filled Christmas morning.

Who can apply?

Santa is looking for families in need. Families who cannot create a Christmas morning for their little ones, for whatever reason. For kiddies who still believe in Santa, and families who are struggling for food, and some gifts. For families who aren’t receiving help from other charities.

Santa is also looking to visit any individuals celebrating Christmas alone, who could use some joy.

What will Santa bring?

When Santa visits you, you can bet he’ll be HO HO HO-LDING a big red bag of goodies! This includes:

  • A care package for the family (including toiletries, soaps and other necessities)
  • A small gift for the kids
  • A food box to include a ham, some veggies, eggs and milk and so on
  • Best of all, Santa and his elves will bring all kinds of joy!