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Christmas Morning - 2021

For 2021, Santa’s Angels is adjusting our process for volunteers to ensure the families we visit and all our volunteers remain safe. We’re following all PEI CPHO protocols and requiring our volunteers to adhere to these policies.

COVID Protocols:

  • We will NOT be entering houses! All visits will be taking place outside, and no physical contact should be made between the teams and recipients
  • A large plastic bag will be inside the red Santa sack and will be filled with gifts for each individual and labelled with the name and the visit number of the recipient
  • Warehouse sorting will be prescheduled
  • For anyone coming into the warehouse to help sort/pick, it must be predetermined/signed up for online

Special Surprizes

In past years, we would do some special surprises where we could hand gifts to random strangers to help elevate their spirits. This year you will need to keep a detailed list of any surprise visits you make – address, name, phone number.

Pre-departure for Teams:

We are going to have staggered leave times; the farthest route will arrange this. You will be provided with your leave time. You will be asked to stay in your vehicle until your team is close to departure, and only the team leads will be going into the Santa’s Angels Head Quarters.

On the Route:

  • Everyone MUST wear masks at ALL times unless you are with your cohort.

How will visits work this year?

  • We are asking that you use a personal vehicle for your team. Santa’s Angels can provide you with a gas card. We will still be using a cube van for the food, needs boxes, and toys.
  • Absolutely NO ONE will enter any house. There is no choice; we MUST stay outside to ensure the safety of all our volunteers and families.
  • Santa can wave from the front door.
  • You will need to keep a detailed list of any surprise visits you make – address, name, phone number
  • Santa and elves will put gifts in front of the house (on the doorstep, for example) near the door, then ring the doorbell.
  • Everyone must then step back from the door at least 2 metres before the family answers the door.
    • For apartments, we’ll ask the families to come to the lobby to see Santa and the elves and bring their gifts back to their apartments themselves
  • Santa and Angels should smile and wave – anything they can to spread cheer!
  • Santa may talk to all recipients, be photographed (or any other activities requested) at a distance.

What do we do if a family is not home?

  • We CANNOT leave donations with neighbours under any circumstances, no matter how much they promise to pass the gifts along later.

Returning to the Workshop

  • Everyone needs to help unload after their shift. The more helping hands, the quicker it goes!