About Santa’s Angels.

A 100% volunteer-run charity
in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Registered Charity #839145786RR0001
100% Volunteer-Run Charity

What we do.

Santa’s Angels is a group of individuals who organise, fundraise, and carry out a surprise Christmas morning visit by Santa and his elves to hundreds of people across Prince Edward Island.

We are a 100% volunteer-based group that hopes to reach those who, for one reason or another, are not able to provide Christmas gifts and food for their children. Santa and the elves bring food, toys, and gifts on each visit, and each package is customised based upon the needs of the individual or family.

We also visit senior homes, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and other care facilities on Christmas morning as well.

How it started.

It all started with Father Stephen Allen, Kenny Zakem and Don Wright in 2004…

They had found themselves with a handful of leftover toys from some past donations and decided to put those toys in the hands of those that may need them the most, who maybe couldn’t afford Christmas gifts of their own… or those that just needed a little bit of hope this time of year.

So they set out early Christmas morning in 2004 to play Santa and personally distribute these toys across town.

They may have been doing some good there, but they also received so much joy and gratitude in return. And so they decided to make this an annual event and spread as much happiness and hope as they could, every Christmas morning every year from then on. And like that, “Santa’s Angels” were born.

And what a wonderful town we live in – because volunteers, sponsors, all kinds of givers quickly got on board – to help in any way they could. We’re truly blessed to be part of a community like ours here in Charlottetown.

A Snapshot of Last Christmas:



That’s right! 243 houses were visited by one of 10 Santas and teams on Christmas morning, with gifts and food in hand.



From those 243 homes, 130 of them didn't expect us! These are completely un-planned visits we make along the way for a complete surprise.



We have dedicated Santa's and elves who visit a number of senior homes through out town. These are our most musical team members - and they bring so much merriment wherever they go!



A very special Santa and a wonderful group of elves visited nine units at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.



We counted everyone we met on Christmas day - adults, children, unplanned visits, hospital patients, senior home residents... and found that we helped this many people!



The work we do simply would not be possible without the hundreds of helping hands that join our efforts every year.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2004 by Kenny Zakem, Father Stephen Allen, and Don Wright
  • 100% volunteer-operated
  • Operates democratically in conjunction with Organising Committee & Board of Directors
  • Based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Our Mission

  • To create an exciting Christmas morning surprise to those that, for one reason or another, may not be able to have a Christmas celebration on their own
  • To visit individuals/groups who may not be on any other charity list

Home Visits

  • Every home visit includes Santa with his Elves bringing some goodies and gifts for children
  • Some home visits are requested by the families themselves
  • Other home visits are complete surprises: friends/family nominate who we visit
  • All visits take place on Christmas day starting at 07:00 am

Non-Home Visits

  • Patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Sherwood Home
  • The Addiction Centre
  • Group Homes
  • Senior homes